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Holly Lauridsen and Katy Hammersmith
Banquet Speakers

Good evening everyone! We are honored to talk on behalf of the students in attendance. At the end of such an impactful week, there are many experiences that we are thankful for.

Thank you to everyone for enabling us to have these amazing opportunities. First of all, we would like to thank Drs. Metin and Yasmine Akay for organizing this conference. We have enjoyed every minute. Your collective knowledge of Turkish history and culture added an entire additional layer to this summer school that made this an even more enriching experience. Furthermore, your welcoming attitude and constant advice for our futures, makes both of you exceptional mentors and role models for all of us. We all enjoyed the glimpse into your Turkish life and your personal history that is so interconnected with Istanbul. We all developed an appreciation for the complex and fascinating history that remains in this country.

To all of the professors, it was wonderful to meet all of you and get a glimpse of the diverse research fields that you represent.

- Dr. David Fenstermacher-As we cannot act out a Power point graphic to segue to thanking Dr. Fenstermacher, we can only stand here and thank you for insightful and visionary discussion on both cancer genetics, personalized medicine, and the challenges associated with electronic health care.

- Dr. Henry Hess-Interesting talks on molecular motors and thoughtful discussions on career goals and our futures.

- Dr. Jie Liang-Your talks on computation methods of Even though I was not as familiar with this topic, I appreciated the chance to learn new things.

- Dr. Donna Wang-Your pioneering work with TRPV1 and your dedication to your patients will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration for everyone here. Even though we were all terrified of salt after your discussion, we should all remember to keep your message of healthy life styles and holistic wellbeing in mind as we part ways and return to the chaotic life of a graduate student.

- Dr. Tejal Desai-Even though Dr. Desai was unable to be here with us tonight, we would like to thank her for her excellent presentations that succeeded in being approachable to all students so that we not only understood her research, but were excited by the possibilities of nanoscale medicine.

We would like to thank Pinar, Gamzee, Onur, Naze, and Andrei, for all of your hard work in making this summer school possible. All of us are incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity to experience your country and culture with you. We truly appreciate all of your help and your patience when we attempted and mostly failed at speaking Turkish. Allyson, even with the unfortunate delay in your travels, we all know how much work and effort you put in to organizing this conference. I am sure our incessant emails and worried calls were annoying at times, but we really appreciate your dedication to the program and are so happy that you finally made it here!

And to the students: You made our time in the class room and our adventures in Istanbul, more enriching and entertaining. We know that everyone in this room has such enormous potential to take the lessons that we have learned this week to not only be wonderful researchers, but also significant global leaders.

As we all move on and return home, let us remember the lessons that we have learned here. With advances in basic research, it has only become more evident that the human race is more complex and diverse than could be anticipated. In order to manage and to overcome this complexity, we must develop the tools and scientific methods that can effectively elucidate key biological trends, initiate social changes, and next generation medical technologies. With this international summer school we have been given an expansive network of highly intelligent and passionate scientists that now share this global perspective. We hope that we will all continue to use this network and the different scientific expertise that each of us offers in order to improve medical research. This past week we have explored numerous scientific approaches to combat the major medical issues that face our generation, and now with the connections and knowledge gained here, we have the ability to work together as a unified front on this task.