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Women & Minorities Dominate 11th International Biocomplexity Summer School Again!
The 11th International Biocomplexity Summer School, sponsored by the NSF and co-sponsored by the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, was held at Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey, June 24 - June 30, 2012. This summer school was a continuation of previous summer schools. Twenty seven students and five faculty attended the 11th summer school. The NSF, BME at UH and the IEEE EMBS co-sponsored 24 of the 27 students.

The summer school was an excellent learning, teaching and brain-storming opportunity for students, post-docs and young researchers, as well as the summer school faculty. It was an opportunity for students to personally meet with leaders in the field while enjoying a pleasant location.

Ofer Idan of Columbia and Sonal Kothari of George Tech led the summer school panel to discuss the research concepts presented during the week, the educational and career concerns for students in these fields and provide suggestions for future summer schools. Katy Hammersmith also of Georgia Tech and Holly Lauridsen of Yale delivered the student banquet address.

These methods will be helpful for undergraduate and graduate students in computer science and mathematics who are interested in pursuing research in biology, biomolecular engineering and bioengineering, since the summer school provided exceptional insights into the fundamental challenges facing biological science. Five distinguished faculty gave these lectures, including Profs. Tejal Desai, D. Fenstermacher, Henry Hess, Jie Liang and Donna Wang.

We believe that the summer school will further stimulate interdisciplinary research and collaboration among engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists and medical researchers and will help understand complex biological systems and signals and in identifying new directions for biomedical research and its applications.

I also would like to thank Dr. Kaiming Ye and especially Dr. S. Demir of the NSF for her support and encouragement.

Metin Akay
Chair and Organizer
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